BTS ‘Game Of Thrones’ Visit Reveals Final Battle Is Huger Than We Thought

We lost our minds after discovering Game Of Thrones‘ climactic battle, the enormous conflict the entire show has been building towards since 2012, took 55 days to shoot. 

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Folks, we have lost our minds again. Because the final battle did not take 55 days to shoot. One part of the battle took 55 days to shoot.

Entertainment Weekly went backstage during filming, and reports the big fight at the tail end of the show consists of multiple moving parts, showcasing the struggles of your favourite (surviving) characters as they try to fend off the army of the dead.

The crew member who leaked the initial 55 days figure was correct about one portion of the battle, which was shot on an external set. Entertainment Weekly now states that director Miguel Sapochnik also retreated to a warehouse set to film another section, which took another few weeks to shoot.

That scale indicates the battle could just be the gnarliest, and certainly the longest, continual action sequence ever shown in a television series.

It also suggests the original vision of producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to split the final series into three Game Of Thrones films was somewhat preserved: you don’t film an enormous sequence like that without feature film-levels of cash behind you.

The final season of Game Of Thrones still doesn’t have a premiere date, but you know we’ll fill you in when it does. Peep the full Entertainment Weekly bit HERE.