A Friendly Reminder That Frosty ‘GoT’ Bad Guy The Night King Is Quite Daddy IRL

Game Of Thrones Night King

Game Of Thrones Season 8 is in full swing, and it seems all anyone can talk about is the Night King. Is he really Bran Stark? Is he going to show up at the big battle in tonight’s episode, or does he have other plans? Is he actually a complete babe in real life?

Okay, maybe that last question was just from me.

[jwplayer W7JCDnGm]

The ice-encrusted reanimated corpse antagonist of Game Of Thrones is obviously quite chilly-looking and not really sexual in the slightest, unless you are into getting frostbite on your genitalia, and if you are then I am not judging (much).

But I reluctantly concede that GoT is just a TV show and not real life, so of course The Night King is just an actor and doesn’t actually look all blue and creepy in real life.

In fact, his name is Vladimír Furdík and he is a Slovakian actor and stuntman who somehow manages to look like the lovechild of Tom Hiddleston and Daniel Craig.

You might recall him from the show, when the Children of the Forest turned him into the Night King by stabbing him with dragonglass.

The Night King about to become the Night King. Credit: HBO

But his Instagram is also a source of wonderful behind the scenes snaps.

Here he is posing with a horse.

Here he is posing in front of an old-timey building.

Here he is sitting on a deserted island.

Here he is drinking a beer.

Here he is outside the Tower of Joy.

It’s remarkable that such a pleasant-looking man with healthy colouring can become the frozen creepazoid tormenting our GoT faves. It takes 5 hours, according to this Insta post, to turn him into the Night King.

It’s interesting to note that IRL Night King looks nothing like IRL Bran so maybe, just maybe, he’s not the Night King after all? I live in hope.