G Flip Slid Into Steph Claire Smith’s DMs W/ A Request To Star In Her Music Vid

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In case you haven’t heard, Aussie music talent G Flip (full name: Georgia Flipo) and drop-dead gorgeous Keep It Cleaner founder, Steph Claire Smith, are pretty good mates tyvm.

Their #goals friendship first started when low-key fangirl G Flip – who just sold out her Aus tour and secured a place at Groovin’ The Moo – slung Steph a mention in the intro of her brand-spankin’ new song ‘Drink Too Much‘.

Then Georgia slid into Steph’s DMs and, since then, the duo has even teamed up to create Georgia’s new kickass music video, out today:

Here, PEDESTRIAN.TV talks to G Flip about her new toon, an unlikely friendship and bangin’ music video.

P.TV: What inspired ‘Drink Too Much’? 

G: A few years ago, I used to go out quite a bit. At the time, I’d been recently dumped, I was lonely and I was young and dumb. I was drinking and partying a lot to get over a break up that smashed my heart.

I wrote ‘Drink Too Much’ after a big night out. I came home close to lunchtime the next day (hence the lyric ‘I wanna be out til lunch’) and I had a few hours to kill before a family event. I started writing the song on bass and piano and recorded it rough on my voice memos.

P.TV: Was there anything you had to overcome to write and release the song? 

G: My songs are like an open diary, I just write how I feel and what’s on my mind at the time without overthinking anything. I also write my lyrics the same way I would talk in everyday life.

I’m a real perfectionist when it comes to my music so I really wasn’t in a rush to get the track out even though it was written a few years ago and I had my crappy bedroom demo sitting with me, I would never want to release anything until it was the best version of itself.


P.TV: Why did you choose to mention Steph Claire Smith at the beginning of the song? What is it about Steph?

G: What isn’t it about Steph?! Have you seen her!? Nah, but seriously, I would see her around Chapel Street all the time when I wrote it. I was working as a DJ on Chaps at night and at a drum shop there by day. On my lunch break, I’d always walk past her and I was like, should I write a song about this?!

P.TV: How did Steph wind up featuring in the music video? 

G: I slid into her DM’s on Insta. Literally didn’t think I’d get a reply. First I wanted to show her the song, so I let her hear it before it was released and then I told her about this film clip idea I had. The reply from her was ‘Hey legend – love the song! It’s epic! Would love to chat more about it’. I read her reply and f@#!ing lost my sh!t.


P.TV: If you could give your younger self any advice about this song and video, what would it be and why?

G: The advice I would give myself is: drinking and partying to get over a break up doesn’t really work. Focusing on goals and improving yourself is the way to go. I was a loose unit for like two years before I got my shit together and realised that.

P.TV: How did you come up with the idea of how your music video would look?

G: I remember when I was making my original bedroom demo of ‘Drink Too Much’ a few years ago I was sitting there just thinking, ‘I have to get Steph in this film clip if I ever release this song’. I also thought it would be entertaining to see her dressed like me as a massive tomboy.

With that being the OG concept I then wrote a little storyline a few months ago, that Steph and myself were neighbours and that some of my boxes (with my drums and clothes in them) got delivered to her instead of me. I presented this concept to my team and Steph and we made it happen.

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