G Flip Is Gonna Show Up In Selling Sunset S6 And We’ll Happily Take This Christine Trade-Off

g flip selling sunset season 6 interview

It looks like we’re gonna get a whole lot more G Flip in our lives this year because they’ve confirmed they’re gonna pop up in the next season of Selling Sunset. You can bet your ass this has gotten me all razzed up for Season Six to drop on Netflix this year.

They unpacked the filming experience with PEDESTRIAN.TV after their entrance into the wildly popular reality show was briefly noted in a recent Vogue profile interview alongside Chrishell Stause — their first as a couple.

“It’s just a minor cameo,” they laughed.

“It’s not like me and Chrishell taking on the Sunset Strip. Nah, it’s just like… in a couple of episodes. Nothing major.

“It’s gonna be cute.”

G Flip — who’s in the midst of moving house and thoroughly soundproofing their new drum room when we speak — said they were never really keen to step into Chrishell’s reality TV world but realised they could face any level of negative feedback as a strong and comfortable couple.

“I was always never gonna be a part of it,” they said.

“And then a few days before we filmed the first scene that I was in, me and Chrishell just had a conversation about it and what we realised is that we cop so much hate being together and if I was in any part of the TV show that we were going to cop that so much more.

“Then we thought about it and talked about it and [were] like, then they win. The people that fucking hate us and who are homophobic and don’t believe there are other genders — they kind of win.”

They said although they know they’re likely going to get an unimaginable amount of hateful messages and comments online, it’s all worth it knowing they might change someone’s life or educate someone who’s curious about non-binary gender expression and queer relationships.

“There could be someone that’s watching who’s struggling with their gender identity, and then sees me and then wants to learn what non-binary means,” G Flip said.

“Or, you know, there could be a queer kid in fucking the middle of America that has never even seen two people that look like us kissing or being in love.

“So even though we knew we’re gonna cop so much backlash, it’s like… fuck it. If there’s one kid’s life that we make easier or that we save then that’s worth the amount of death threats I’m gonna get. The amount of people misgendering me. I can take it.”

Honestly, if the payoff for Christine Quinn leaving Selling Sunset is that we get our very own G Flip in there giving it their all and bringing queer, non-binary representation to one of the hottest Netflix reality shows to date, then I think we’re gonna be just fine.

G Flip is back in Australia to co-host the closing party of Sydney WorldPride on March 5 alongside Kim PetrasMUNAPeach PRC, Keiynan Lonsdale and heaps more. Tickets are currently on sale through the Moshtix website.