Friendlyjordies’ 10 Most Ripper ‘Strayan Impressions Immortalised As GIFs

We all know the following to be true: Friendlyjordies fkn rules at creating on-point social commentary videos (yesterday’s, describing Mike Baird as a real-life Furby? SO GOOD). 
For no other reason than it’s Wednesday, here are some of his best ‘Strayan impressions in GIF form:

1. The ‘Girl who works as a manager at Supré’ look.

2. The ‘That’s hectic ayee bro’ look.

3. The ‘Angry lock-out law wog’ look.
4. The ‘Archaic Malcolm Turnbull arguing with his assistant’ look.

5. The ‘Seedy guy at a 21st’ ft. the ‘Coles calamari ginger’ look
6. The ‘Schoolies wog hard nut’ look
7. The ‘LAY BACK and GOON SACK’ look

8. The ‘Tradie who doesn’t GAF about the environment’ look

9. The ‘Mike Baird is a nonsensical fool’ look

10. And lastly, the classic ‘Wog named Dimi stretching back in the chair after ripping a classic one-liner’ look
Keep doing you, Jordan. 

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