Freddie Flintoff Admits To Cheating On ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ & How Dare He

Former English cricket captain Freddie Flintoff admitted that he totally cheated in order to win the first Aussie series of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2015 and we are SHOCKED and APPALLED.

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Speaking on his own BBC Radio 5 podcast, Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy, Flintoff proudly admitted that he cheated to win the very prestigious title of King of the Jungle, against Barry Hall and Chrissie Swan.

By pretending to be a hopelessly addicted smoker – which couldn’t be shown on TV – he got to sneak off camera for fag breaks, where, amidst the tranquilty he found he also had access to fresh water. His fellow jungle buddies had to boil water before they had a sip.

I said, ‘I’m a smoker’, which I’m not by any stretch.

They asked me how many I wanted a day so I said five, knowing I’d have to do it off screen. I’d walk out the gate and there’d be a chair with a cigarette that I didn’t have, I just sat and had some peace to myself, not filmed, and in nobody’s hearing.

He told his co-hosts that the clean water fountain was right next to the medical tent – so while on his smoko he could fill up his water bottle five times a day, becoming “more hydrated” than he’d ever been in his life.

[My urine] was crystal clear. After a few days, I was thinking, ‘They must think I’m a camel – nobody’s seen me drink.’

Flintoff also fibbed about his fear of frogs, knowing that if he made up a pretty harmless fear on his form that’s what he’d be faced with in future challenges.

You fill a form in about what you don’t like … I put frogs because I don’t mind frogs. I did this challenge and they dumped a load of frogs on my head.


After retiring from cricket for good in 2015 – following a rubbish comeback season in the Australian Big Bash League – Flintoff started up a media career over here. He appeared on I’m a Celebrity…, commentated Ten‘s Big Bash coverage, and guested on The Project. He reported form the sidelines of Australian Ninja Warrior, and hosted some hot chips-related Aussie television too.

Since then, along with a heap of other British media credits, Flintoff – whose name isn’t even Freddie, it’s Andrew – has been tapped to host Top Gear, which kicks off filming early next year.

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! is back on January 13.