Cop The First Trailer For S2 Of US ‘No Activity’ Ft Ya Boy Jason Mantzoukas

The second season of the US adaptation of No Activity returns to our screens at the end of this month, and consider us real bloody excited thanks to the below first trailer, which features some of the raft of already announced guest stars, like Big Dick Richie himself, Joe Mangianello, and the return of the best comedic actor of our time, Jason Mantzoukas.

[jwplayer 3Ti4mum0]

From this we now know that our own Patrick Brammall doing his best American impression and Tim Meadows from all ’00s comedies ever will return to their roles as career stakeouterers. But also that J.K. Simmons is returning to grill Brammall about police corruption/a murder (???). And does Meadows break his neck trying to jump across a building?

The underrated Amy Sedaris and Sunita Mani also return to dispatch. Jake Johnson, who guested in last season, and in the Aussie series, is back too to make everyone feel like they’re not very good at their jobs – spoiler: they’re not.

Jason Mantzoukas is also back as our bad guy, this time paired not with Will Ferrell (still executive producer) or Jesse Plemons, but with Cristin Milioti, who seems to take him to a cock fight.

Max Greenfield and Joe Mangianello join the cast as snipers, Mangianello describing himself in the trailer as a “platinum-star gay“. There’s no clue yet on Nasim Pedrad‘s role, but it’s presumably law enforcement-adjacent. Jessica Alba and Chris Gethard don’t appear in the trailer, but were each previously announced as guest stars.

It’s a damn impressive cast for a show that’s not about a lot – although the American version definitely picks up the pace, cutting some of the ruminating and bants in favour of things actually happening.

The creator, writer and director of the original Aussie series, Trent O’Donnell, also helms the US adaptation. While prolific in Australia – The Letdown, The Moodys, etc – he’s starting to impress Stateside as well with his work on The Good Place, New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The second season of the US No Activity drops in full on Stan on November 22. Suss out the first season HERE. You can also binge both seasons of the local version, starring Brammall, Harriet Dyer and Tim MinchinHERE.

It is entirely likely – from the below Insty tidbit – that we’ll be copping an Aussie Xmas special later this year.