Jessica Alba & Joe Manganiello To Guest Star In S2 Of Stan’s ‘No Activity’

The second season of the US‘s No Activity has gotten the go-ahead, with Tim Meadows and our very own Patrick Brammall returning to their starring roles on the CBS show. And excuse the gush but that rulessssssssssssss.

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The series based around the totally mundane dialogue of two low-level cops on a stakeout, their co-workers in dispatch, and the similarly waiting crims they’re trying to catch, is an adaptation of the v. funny Australian original, produced by Stan, which also stars Brammall. The series’ creator, writer and director, Aussie Trent O’Donnell, also helms the US adaptation.

Meadows and Brammall will be joined by an impressive guest cast including Jessica Alba, Magic Mike hunk Joe Manganiello, New Girl‘s Max GreenfieldHow I Met Your Mother‘s Cristin Milioti, and comedians Chris Gethard and Nasim Pedrad.

Last year’s first season featured Fargo‘s Jesse Plemons, Better Call Saul‘s Bob Odenkirk and executive producer Will Ferrell – yeah, you missed a Will Ferrell TV show, guys, get on it – who sadly do not seem to be returning. You will get to see Amy Sedaris and Sunita Mani in dispatch, and the most underrated of character comedians, Jason Mantzoukas, as an incredibly inept crim. You can also expect return appearances from Jake Johnson and J.K. Simmons.

The series is expected to focus on Meadows and Brammall on a new stakeout, when all the while their police department is dealing with a massive corruption scandal. OOH SCANDAL.

Al eight eps of the new season drop on Thursday November 22 on Stan. Suss out the first season HERE.

And if you’re curious about the Aussie one, you can binge both seasons of that too HERE. The MoodysDarren Gilshenan joins Brammall in the cop car in the original, with Harriet Dyer in dispatch, and Tim Minchin as an overenthusiastic security guard. The second season features Damon Herriman and Rose Byrne as a kidnapped – but still bickering – couple.

It’s fucking great, and the formalness of this article does not adequately convey just how deeply funny both versions of the series are.

If you prefer the Aussie touch – there’s something a little bit cheekier, more self-deprecating about ours – it seems like Brammall teased a No Activity Christmas special earlier this month:

In my Insta travels I just found this joke account by Brammall and Dyer and wow, it’s still active, and wow, there’s a lot of fun shirts and dry humping. Love your work, guys.