Fire Up Ya Synths: The ‘Stranger Things’ Producer Wants A Few More Seasons

Stranger Things was a neat little surprise for fans of 80s sci-fi – a hot  n’ tasty slice of Steven Spielberg/John Carpenter tribute that ended up being like a way more genuine and enjoyable version of Super 8.

With this and Midnight Special, it’s like that particular brand of spooky sci-fi with Carpenter-esque synth soundtracks are the new 80s revivalism now that just about everyone is sick of Miami Vice-slash-synthwave throwbacks. C’mon guys. It’s done.
If ya liked it – and we did – you’re in luck: the executive producer Shawn Levy reckons the cast and crew are keen for a couple more seasons of the show. Though many thought it might be anthology style, like True Detective, Levy says everyone wants the story to continue.

“We definitely are hopeful to go several more seasons. And the plan is to continue with this set of characters while introducing a few critical key new ones next season,” Levy told Slash Film

“Things end up being resolved to some extent at the end of season one, but not entirely. And that’s why we’re so hopeful we get another few seasons to live with these people a little longer.”

Netflix haven’t confirmed anything yet, but they’d be mad not to go a little further. Until then, just watch the insanely great title sequence on loop:
Source: Vulture.
Photo: Netflix.