Amid a sea of rehashes and reimaginings, Netflix seems to have realised they can just use the concepts and tone of beloved flicks to build a new series. Stranger Things is the immediate result, and crikey it is bloody great.

Riffing heavily – and literally – off the works of 80s synth luminaries John Carpenter, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder and lord knows how many other lauded knob-twiddlers, the soundtrack to that fresh slice of sci-fi revivalism has copped as much praise as the show itself. 

Welp, the folks at ‘Flix have heard your square-wave cries for more of that goodness. Today, they announced the score, patched together by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of Austin act S U R V I V E will eventually be granted a standalone release.

While the only confirmed timeframe is “soon”, we can only imagine they’re buying up stocks of cassette tapes as we speak to capitalise on that authentic 80s vibe. 

Stein and Dixon also spoke to the L.A Times a lil’ earlier, discussing how the heck they ended up behind the desk for the project in the first place. Dixon said “the answer to that is kind of a mystery… I’m not sure how they found us and they are not really sure how they found us either.”

And if there’s a more Stranger Things way of recruiting composers, we’d like to hear it.


Source: Vulture / L.A Times. 

Photo: Blastr.