She’s dead, okay? Barb is extremely dead in the world ‘Stranger Things.’
There will be no grand resurrection or sweeping, euphoric, ‘Justice for Barb‘ in season two of the hit Netflix series. It’s not happening. We know resurrection is more or less an almost-guaranteed trope in modern films and TV that have even the faintest hint of sci-fi attached to it. But it’s not happening here. Not even a little. Not even at all.
Producers of the show have remained steadfast in the decision to leave Barb’s status at “profoundly deceased” almost ever since season one dropped.
Barb’s inglorious disappearance into the Upside Down and demise at the hands of the Monster has been an oft-discussed subject for fans of the show. But as season two draws nearer, the show has absolutely no plans to buckle to any fan outcry, which means the dead stay dead.
In a Facebook Live chat with The Hollywood Reporter, director/producer Shaun Levy not only reasserts that which we’ve already heard ten times over, but insists that fans still clamouring for a grand revival of ole’ Barb don’t actually know what they’re asking for.

“We are going to do things that fans will be disappointed in but I think they will be more satisfied by. I’ll give one example that I’ve been asked about a hundred times which is people still think Barb’s alive. Because you think you want that but you wouldn’t really want that.”

That’s it. There it is. Not only is she absolutely not coming back, you wouldn’t actually wind up wanting it if she did.

That hard-lined approach to resisting fan-service decisions can, realistically, only wind up being a good thing for the upcoming new series; show producers seem to have had a clear vision of the story they want to tell for a while now, and the braying howls of the masses shouldn’t sway that in any significant fashion.
‘Course this doesn’t mean that there will be *absolutely* no references to Barb. It’s just that justice might be taking a slightly different path.
As for what that is exactly? You’ll just have to bloody tune in and find out.
Season 2 of ‘Stranger Things‘ is still scheduled to (finally) hit screens come Halloween this year.

Source: The AV Club.
Photo: Stranger Things/Netflix.