Faustina ‘Fuzzy’ Agolley Wipes The Floor With Axle Whitehead Over “Racist” & Offensive IG Posts

Beloved TV personality Faustina ‘Fuzzy’ Agolley has called out her former Video Hits co-star Axle Whitehead over a social media post amid the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

During #BlackOutTuesday, Whitehead posted a yellow tile on his Instagram and included the hashtag #AsianLivesMatter.

Although the post was later deleted, Agolley shared a screenshot to her Instagram.

Axle’s post, as shared by Faustina

“Axle Whitehead is a racist,” she wrote in a post, sharing the private exchange.

“Posted a yellow tile with the hashtag Asian Lives Matter thinking it’s a joke. he then blocked me when I didn’t take my public post down after I called him in four times. His final post in defence of his ‘joke’ was a screen grab of a false stat from Twitter about white men being killed by US police more than any other race. That’s it. That’s all he had. No mention of stats (if real research was had) but was much research done on Video Hits?”

Credit: Faustina Agolley / Facebook

She later shared screenshots from an alleged DM conversation where she took him to task over the comments. He defended his post, saying it was a “joke”, before explaining “an Asian person was killed in the riots today.”

“This is the dumbest fucking reply in enabling your racism,” she responded.

Check out the alleged screenshots below:

Credit: Faustina Agolley / Instagram

 She also took to Instagram to claim he’d posted “a false stat from Twitter about white men killed by U.S. police more than any other race.”

She added: “No mention of black deaths. No mention of mass incarceration of BLACK PEOPLE.

“And if we’re going to get local, ‘cos let’s be real, Axle is a white Australian who lives in Australia, no mention of how his race is pretty fucking sweet here.”

“Axle been down with you for a while but thank you for showing me who you are,” she commented.

“And if you ever wanna communicate, take a couple of years to get through the reading list circulating about Black lives and Asian lives before ever getting in contact again.”

She concluded her statement with the following post:

Credit: Faustina Agolley / Instagram

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Axle said he could not “support a violent hypocritical movement” and insisted that “all lives matter. Period.”

“My sympathy goes to George Floyd and his family but to say Black Lives Matter as people loot and burn minority-owned businesses is absurd,” he added.

Meanwhile, Fuzzy expressed her disappointment with Axle to the publication.

“There’s a lot of Aussies in a space of learning about racism on a deeper level right now while black people in this country are hurting and wanting genuine solidarity, and then there’s Axle who wants to take his opinions further,” she said.

“He took a deliberate choice not to get behind black lives and take a shot at Asians. I called him in and he didn’t care about what he did, he only cared about being called on it. One of the ways we can have meaningful change is when we call in our family, mates and co workers when they act up, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.”