Samantha Ware Called Major BS On Lea Michele’s Apology & This Tea Is Well-Steeped Now

Samantha Ware has clapped back and called huge bullshit on Lea Michele‘s apology to allegations of racism and inappropriate behaviour on the set of Glee. This pot of tea is scorching and seemingly endless, and it’s getting gloriously messy, folks.

A few days back, Samantha Ware put Lea Michele on blast for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and George Floyd protests erupting across the United States. Samantha alleged that Lea subjected her to “traumatic microaggressions” while on the Glee set, making her life a “living hell.”

Lea issued an apology on her Instagram, noting that she may have been “perceived as insensitive or inappropriate at times”, to which Samantha has clapped back again on Twitter.

Keeping up? Ok, good. It’s a lot.

Samantha Ware – not directly linking to Lea’s post – tweeted today, questioning Lea’s use of “perceived”, before a bit of shady wordplay to shave it down into “purse”, and then asking “Open your purse??????????????”

She also posted a link to a GoFundMe for the family of James Scurlock, a 22-year-old black protester who was shot and killed by a white bar owner in Nebraska during the protests over the weekend.

Since Samantha’s accusations of racism and microaggressions on the Glee set, a whole host of other actors who also starred on the show, like Heather Morris, Jeanté Godlock, and Dabier Snell, have also stepped forward with their experiences or alluded to the fact that Lea was difficult to work with.

And that…is what you missed on Glee.