Ex-‘Bachie’ Hopeful Posts Shady Insta Pic After Missing Out On Brownlow Tix

The Brownlow is the night of nights for the AFL, where people who aren’t quite celebrities but perhaps qualify under ‘personality’ frock up, show up, and snap pics for Instagram. Some AFL players win awards, too. It’s a whole thing.

Anyway, former Bachelor contestant slash model Natalie Sady (she appeared on Tim Robard‘s season) was all frocked up and ready to go, and suddenly found herself without a ticket.

“An incredible amount of effort goes in to walking the red carpet,” she wrote in a shady Instagram post. “Tonight I was due to walk the Brownlow red carpet. With the help of many amazing people I had pulled together something truly special.

“Unfortunately due to one person’s mistake that only came to light this morning, myself and some others have been left in the lurch, and without the tickets offered to us.”

She posted a pic of her Silvana Tedesco Couture dress to Instagram (probably honouring obligations of borrowing the dress) and thanked her jewellery, hair and tan people, as you do.

She told News.com.au that she wasn’t going to “throw anybody under the bus” by naming them, but did say that it was “someone’s PA” who made the error. Let us all take a moment to pray for that PA today.

“My last week has revolved entirely around the Brownlow. Finding shoes is always a nightmare and chasing up jewellery etc … I’ve spent a lot of time. Even though people have loaned me a number of things as is what always happens with the red carpet, I am out of pocket a lot of money … there are spray tans, manicures and pedicures … I had to cancel the makeup artist at a late stage.”

She’s not wrong: looking red carpet good is work. Just ask Brit Davis, Ana Calle, or any of the other incredibly gorgeous women who walked the red carpet with their footy playing other halves.