Brownlow Reporters Didn’t #AskHerMore On Red Carpet, Viewers Unimpressed

Firstly, before we begin; a huge congratulations to the talented Nat Fyfe, who has made history by being the Fremantle Dockers’ first ever Brownlow Medal winner. Also a giant congratulations to him for managing to attend at all – with the aid of a cane – seeing as he broke his left leg playing against Hawthorn only days before.

ICYMI, this year’s Golden Globes was much, much more progressive than it ever had been before. This was not just because of who won the statues; it was also because of a movement created by Amy Poehler‘s youth program ‘Smart Girls’
They decided that they would try something different and mix up the normal red carpet dialogue; they decided they would #AskHerMore. Rather than sticking with the normal questions that women are usually asked, such as ‘Who are you wearing?’, ‘How long did it take you to get ready?’ and this writer’s personal pet peeve, ‘Who’s looking after the kids?’, the ‘Smart Girls’ decided to take the concept of journalistic integrity to whole new levels, and ask women legitimate questions that didn’t revolve around antiquated gender roles. 
Inspired by this incredible movement, Aussies decided that they wanted to follow suit, and were tweeting their support for the 2015 Brownlow Medal Swisse Red Carpet reporters to follow in the footsteps of Poehler’s Smart Girls:

But, sadly, it was not to be. The conversations were the same as always; the wives and girlfriends of the AFL footballers (who are talented, smart, career-driven, eloquent human beings in their own right) were asked only about their dresses, their manicures, and whether they’d soon be getting married/having children, etc. etc. They were also asked to twirl, according to one Twitter user.
The internet seems unimpressed:

Oof… can you imagine a world where women are asked questions that don’t revolve around their appearance or why they aren’t at home looking after their kids?


via Twitter.
Image: Scott Barbour via Getty Images.