Stan Dropped The Trailer For Everything I Know About Love AKA How To Survive Yr Messy Twenties

Prepare to laugh, weep and then text your besties about how much you love them ‘cos Stan’s just dropped the trailer for Everything I Know About Love.

The show is based on British writer and podcaster Dolly Alderton‘s New York Times bestselling memoir of the same name. It was originally published back in 2018.

Everything I Know About Love is a fictionalisation of Alderton’s original memoir. It’ll star The Witcher’s Emma Appleton as main character Maggie, Bel Powley as her bestie Birdy, Marli Siu as Nell and Aliyah Odoffin as Amara.

Aussie Ryan Brown will star as Nathan, Connor Finch as Street and Jordan Peters as Neil.

In short the eight-part TV show follows four besties who move into a sharehouse in North London. It’s set in 2012 so you can expect some simply impeccable fashion choices.

Surely there’ll be some Red-era Taylor Swift on the soundtrack too? Or maybe even a touch of Carly Rae Jepsen’s seminal classic ‘Call Me Maybe’?

In fact, award-winning UK singer Self Esteem recorded three original covers for the TV show — including the song featured in the trailer — so the soundtrack will deff be on repeat.

If you haven’t read Dolly Alderton’s memoir, it’s all about the nuances of navigating platonic and romantic love in your twenties. For example, what happens when your best friend is the most important person in your life but they end up falling in love with someone?

To use the most 2012 — and therefore contextually appropriate — response: right in the fkn feels.

The show’s four leads will be navigating “bad dates, heartaches and humiliations” according to Stan. Ah yes, nothing like seeing other people’s embarrassing early twenties antics to make you feel better about your own.

And if you needed any more convincing, it’s being produced by the same folks behind Love Actually AND Bridget Jones’ Diary!!! Arguably two of the greatest rom coms ever created!!! I am going to lock all my loved ones in my house and force them to binge watch this with me until we cry so much our eyes swell up!!!

It’ll be directed by China Moo-Young and written by Dolly Alderton herself.

You can suss the Everything I Know About Love trailer below. I’m sold by that sequin dress alone, BRB hopping on eBay.

The entire series will drop on Stan on June 8, so block our your calendar, cancel your plans and prepare to drunkenly text your friends about how much you love them.