Troye Sivan, Noted Sweet Snack, Looks Like A Fkn Oil Painting In ‘Bloom’ Clip

Hold onto your butts, because the official clip for Troye Sivan‘s ‘Bloom’ is here and hoo boy it’s a serious mood. A very serious, artistically beautiful, mood.

Like the name, Troye’s whole vibe is this super ethereal, oil-painting-from-the-Rennaissance-era, flowers and porcelain skin, while he swans around in an assortment of outfits and avant-garde makeup, like a beautiful genderqueer swan.

Drawing parallels with artists like David BowieAnnie Lennox, and Aussie performance artist Leigh Bowry‘Bloom’ is both Troye maturing into a very established artist becoming experimental with their image, and 100% about being a bottom for the first time. This is his spring awakening universe and we are simply existing in it.

Naturally, the Troye-loving pockets of the Internet have set themselves ablaze with adoration for the clip and the artist, calling for him to essentially be jailed for illegal levels of perfection and tbh RIGHT???? How dare you snatch us like this and not have any repercussions, sweet bb.

Peep the video below, and prepare to be deeply shook by absolutely everything. The hair, the beat, the looks, everything.

Congrats bb on all your new stans. BRB watching this video for the rest of my day. Cancel my calls.