Every Thought I Had Watching The Bob’s Burgers Movie When I’ve Never Seen The Show Before

Bob's Burgers

I’ve never seen Bob’s Burgers. People recommend it all the time — folks whose taste I trust! Still, I just nod along, add it to the ‘list’ we all know doesn’t exist and go on my merry way without ever watching a snippet.

Why? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it’s plain old laziness? Stupidity? My compulsion to watch Grey’s Anatomy re-runs instead of anything new? Who’s to say.

When I heard on the grapevine that The Bob’s Burgers Movie was dropping on Disney+, I decided it was finally time to have a little taste of Bob’s world. After all, I could treat the movie like an entree to suss out whether I wanted to indulge in the smorgasbord that is all 12 seasons.

All I knew going in was that Bob’s Burgers is a funny cartoon about a family who runs a burger joint. Before we get right into it, it must be said that the movie slaps. I could work out (almost) everything without having seen the series and laughed out loud. Like, not that little huff through the nose. Actually guffaws.

Anyway, here’s a blow-by-blow of what ran through my mind meeting all the Belchers for the first time:

This is a pun party

Not even one minute in and there was two ripper puns; a van in front of the burger shop said ‘The Pest Years Of Our Lives’ and then the sign next door to Bob’s Burgers said ‘Sew You Think You Can Pants: Alterations’. Iconic.

Honestly, my noggin was working hard trying to keep up with the breakneck pace of puns. They’re flying all over the shop and I reckon a second watch would serve up another 12 I missed in the first viewing. The band named “Itty Bitty Ditty Committee” still makes me chuckle.

Animation Domination Movie GIF by AniDom - Find & Share on GIPHY

Wow, alright, it’s a musical

What a FUN surprise. Look, can these people sing? Not the best. But do the song still slap? Absolutely. They’re singing about diarrhoea! Toilet humour is always funny. Also the beats and the dancing did really make me wanna boogie. Just look at Bob and Linda, absolutely vibing during their jazzy number below.

Bobsburgers GIFs | Tenor

Speaking of…

This couple is wholesome as heck

I didn’t expect to ~feel something~ when watching this, but here we are. Bob and Linda are so cute. I’m so used to seeing couples nag each other non-stop in cartoons, that seeing these two was really refreshing. They’re so supportive, loving and know how to have fun. Who woulda thought The Bob’s Burgers Movie would give me a blueprint for true love???

Ta Da Linda Belcher GIF - Ta Da Linda Belcher The Bobs Burgers Movie GIFs

Tina is a teeny perv

Um, I was too busy fawning over Bob and Linda that it took a hot minute for Tina’s thirsty and monotone words to soak in. She is frothing over some guy at school and his butt??? Get it girl.

Youre So Nervous Tina Belcher GIF - Youre So Nervous Tina Belcher The Bobs Burgers Movie GIFs

Ok, it’s also a murder mystery

As if a musical wasn’t fun enough, the Belcher kids then stumble upon a skeleton and whaddya know, it’s turned into a whodunnit. Calling it now: every musical should have a side of murder. It’s quite the combo deal.

Oh God Bob Belcher GIF - Oh God Bob Belcher The Bobs Burgers Movie - Discover & Share GIFs

Who is this beanie-clad man???

I watched the whole movie and still could not tell you this character’s name. Is it a bit? Does he even have one? Whoever he is, he’s certainly a helpful fella, coming up with a bunch of ideas to help Bob and Linda. Maybe he works for them? Who knows — he just wants to live, laugh and love with the Belchers, and same generic side character. Same.

Kaboom Bob Belcher GIF - Kaboom Bob Belcher Teddy GIFs

Louise is a lil’ legend

She appears to be the youngest Belcher but boy, does Louise have it together. She bosses the other two kids around and runs the show. Also, I will be nicking her iconic line, “Tina get your head out of your boobs” from here on out.

Wasn'T Ready For That! GIF - Bobs Burgers Tina Belcher Louise Belcher - Discover & Share GIFs

Basically, I fell in love with every Belcher. If ya wanna get to know ’em before starting the series too, get those buns on the couch ‘cos the musical-murder-mystery-mash-up is a hoot and now streaming on Disney+.