Erin McNaught Replaced By Kate Peck At MTV

Model, motorsports enthusiast and 2012 Bachelorette Of The Year nominee Kate Peck is set to join MTV as the newest addition to the channel’s VJ Team. The blonde (sometimes pink-haired) babe will fill the shoes of Erin McNaught, as the veteran VJ dodges Australia’s miserable winter in favour of balmy, European summer nights on tour with her DJ boyfriend, Example.

MTV told Pedestrian, “”Erin is obviously heading off on a whirlwind tour with her bf so Kate will be filling her shoes. Kate will be hosting MTV News with Keiynan Lonsdale, taking part in Local Produce, hosting MTV’s tentpole events MTV Winter [coming up in July] and MTV Summer, red carpet reporting and basically anything else that comes up over here.”

We can understand the appeal of Kate because she’s much more than a pretty face. She’s also a charity ambassador for Y Generation Against Poverty, really digs motorbikes, and is generally a laidback legend.

Kate did a fabulous job as Pedestrian’s guest presenter for the Bachelorette Of The Year Awards night. Watch her in action from the night for a taste of things to come…

Words By Nikki Brogan

Image supplied.