Even if infinity monkeys hammered on infinity typewriters for an infinite amount of time, the following collection of spaces and characters would never materialize because the monkey would somehow gain consciousness and throw the typewriter out the window. Former Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught has partially severed her finger in a freak motorbike accident. It’s true people, you can’t make this stuff up!

The injury was sustained while filming a segment for techy TV show CyberShack. According to reports, McNaught fell off an electronic dirt bike, jammed her hand and partially tore off the index finger on her right hand. She was then rushed to hospital where she underwent microsurgery. Speaking with The Daily Telegraph McNaught’s spokeswoman Kathy Ward said the following: “She is having a major operation to reattach the finger, reconnect nerves and blood vessels in the finger that were severed in the accident.”

That truly, truly sucks. Freak motorbike accidents are right up there with being told you’re adopted in terms of things that are both painful and surprising. We wish Erin a speedy recovery.

Via Nine MSN