Elsa Pataky Proves Herself An Aussie Lord, Expertly Wrangles Snake In Bathroom

Damn if Elsa Pataky isn’t the most Strayan person today. She’s more Australian than Russell Coight dancing, or this Russell Coight dancing to club music video.

Yes, yes, that was just an excuse to share that video again. Goddamn it’s good.

Anyway, the Spanish model, actress and producer is probs most well known in Oz for being married to ~our~ Chris Hemsworth, and resides in Byron with him and their fam.

But she isn’t some out-of-towner afraid to get into it when our terrifying wildlife invade her home. Nope, no calling for Aussie-born Chris to come help. Elsa fucking owned her shit when she found a metre-long tree snake coiled up next to her toot.

Elsa posted the ordeal to her Instagram Story on Sunday night.

Honestly if I found that in my bathroom I’m scream, projectile vomit on it and then burn my house down. But Elsa is gutsy as hell. Fuck Chris being in that imaginary Dundee reboot – someone sign Elsa up bc she’s clearly the animal wrangler of the family.

Can we also note her and her mate are wearing BIKINIS while they deal with a snake? This is as peak Byron Bay as it gets, mates.

Honestly, Elsa can you come to my house and remove the cockroaches and huntsmen? That’d be great, thanks.