Elsa Pataky Is Really Not Fussed By Seeing Chris Hemsworth Fuck On Screen

Elsa Pataky, the Spanish actress starring in Netflix‘s slippery sexy first Aussie original, Tidelands who just so happens to have been happily wed to Chris Hemsworth, said they’re both incredibly chill about seeing each other’s sex scenes.

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Like really, she just does not give a fuck. The sight of her partner of nine years topless on screen sucking face with some other lady? Pssh, whatever.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, the actress admitted that Hemsworth has seen all her raunchy scenes (including plenty in Tidelands), and that she’s seen his, but it’s really just work.

Yes, it’s part of our work. We know that, you know? It’s what we do, and there’s nothing there [with our co-stars]. We’re all very professional. Like, c’mon. His best friend came to me and was like, ‘That was horrible!’ and I was like, ‘Well, settle down, because Chris has had a lot of them, too.’

We’re kind of equal in that way. It’s just part of our work, and I don’t feel any threat around it.

In the chat she also spoke about whether or not playing a sexy not-a-mermaid-it’s-different character, Adrielle – she’s a ‘Tidelander’, half mythological siren, half human – came naturally to her.

Oh, that’s natural [laughs]. I think you just play with it. I think when you read the story and you know it’s there, that sensuality. It’s interesting, how to use it as a woman, you know? She knows the power that she has with that, and how she could play with it in every situation. It’s interesting. Women in general, we know that, and it’s one of our little weapons that we have to use whenever we want.

In that [first sex] scene, it’s not so much about sex. It’s about power, and the relationship between two characters that actually distracts you from what is happening. It’s a very different kind of sex scene, I think.

Pataky and Hemsworth, who live with their three kids in a fancy af house in Byron Bayrecently spent New Years’ Eve at a ski resort in Montana with newlyweds Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, who were celebrating their honeymoon. Luke Hemsworth was there too.