Elle Macpherson Takes On Tyra

Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson has just been announced as the new host for Britain’s Next Top Model and it’s bound to be interesting.

For starters, she will have to deal with the inevitable comparison to the other Top Model hosts:

Tyra (America) – Girlfriend STARTED this whole addictive reality tv mess, and with timeless pop-phrases (“fiiiiiierce”) and insightful comments (“You are not here because you take bad pictures, but because of something we call lack of persona”) there’s no way in hell The Body can compete with the unstoppable Crazy Machine that is Ty-Ty.
Heidi Klum (Germany) – Though she may be unintentionally hilarious most of the time, it’s impossible not to have a soft spot for Heidi Klum. Her chipmunk voice, Guitar Hero commercials and fondness for shagging Seal make her constantly endearing.
Sarah Murdoch (Australia) – Smart, sensible and works the camera like a pro. Full of motherly advice for the contestants and takes the sting out of the bitchy Alex Perry-Charlotte Dawson sideshow. You can tell she gives a good hug.

The other difficulty Elle faces is one that is slightly more difficult to overcome:

She sucks on-screen ass.

For a while a rumour was floating around that Naomi Campbell was going to be the host for Britain’s Next Top Model. Can you imagine how amazing that would have been? Violence, cocaine, shipping magnates and fur – bales and bales of it! – dripping off Naomi’s heavenly shoulders. Now THAT would have been “fiiiiiierce”…

Title Image by John Sciulli via Getty