Elizabeth Olsen Passed A Lie Detector Test Saying She Didn’t Know Her Co-Star John Krasinski

Elizabeth Olsen — truly one of my favourite celebs of the moment — passed a lie detector test where she said she didn’t know fellow actor John Krasinski. All the more iconic given they literally starred in a film together.

Now, halt yourself here if you haven’t watched Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness yet. This article is going to get into some real spoiler territory, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Olsen took the lie detector test in a 16 minute video with Vanity Fair. At one point, they showed her a pic of John Krasinski.

During Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Krasinski had a short cameo as Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four series. He’s the super stretchy guy known as Mr Fantastic. In the comics, Richards is nicknamed the “smartest man on earth”.

In the film Reed Richards appeared as part of a multi-universe superhero lineup called “the Illuminati”. He was quickly killed off by Olsen’s character Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch.

Now, back to Vanity Fair’s video. The interviewer showed Olsen a pic of John Krasinski.

“Do you think this man is the smartest man alive?” they asked, referencing Krasinski’s Mr Fantastic character.

“No,” Olsen said laughing.

“I don’t know him though. But I’d never assume an actor would be the smartest man alive,” she said. Truly an answer for the history books.

The interviewer then asked if Olsen was sure she didn’t know him.

“No, I don’t think so. No, I’ve never met him,” Olsen repeated.

When the interviewer said they starred in the same movie, Olsen repeated that she’d never met him. She double checked with the person administering the polygraph and confirmed her answer came out as “truthful”.

“I’ve never met that man. I’ve met his wife,” she said. Now I’d like to see Elizabeth Olsen team up with Emily Blunt (Krasinski’s wife) for a feature film.

As one Twitter user pointed out, this is the sequel to Kiki Palmer not knowing who Dick Cheney was during another Vanity Fair lie detector test.

Sorry to this man indeed.

In a video interview with CinemaBlend Olsen explained that she actually didn’t film with The Illuminati actors. So the lie detector was in fact truthful.

The CinemaBlend journo asked what it was like having John Krasinski and Patrick Stewart (who plays the X-Men’s Charles Xavier) on set.

“I’ve never met them,” Elizabeth Olsen said.

“Movie magic!”

So there you have it. Peeling back the curtains on the magic of cinema, one slightly dodgy lie detector test at a time.

You can watch Elizabeth Olsen’s full lie detector test below: