Dude Asks Girlfriend To Cook Dinner While He Watches ‘Breaking Bad’ Via Valentine’s Day Ad

A dude named Alex from Launceston has placed a Valentine’s Day ad in the Launceston Examiner essentially asking his girlfriend/wife/significant other Jodie to cook dinner while he watches the end of Breaking Bad.

So for those of you out there who think chivalry is dead, you can head to Launceston for confirmation.

Poor Jodie. She was probably thinking flowers or chocolates or something that wasn’t a 53-word ad in the local newspaper asking her to cook. Unfortunately, she decided to date/marry someone who clearly wears his YOLO on his sleeve and thought to prioritise Breaking Bad over romance.

Some people out there are no doubt thinking that this dude had the right idea. After all, the final season of Breaking Bad was all kinds of awesome. Though in behaving in such a shortsighted fashion he left himself open for the coldest serving of revenge possible.

She could have told him how it ends.