Drake Chaperoned His Cousin To Her Prom But Sadly Did Not Spike The Punch

I’m gonna stick up for the true unsung heroes of life in 2017: the kids who have proms where a famous person shows up. Forever and ever you’ll be the kid whose prom Drake went to – except Drake didn’t go for you. You’re just a background character for this part of history.

Well, that’s precisely what happened. Drake chaperoned his cousin Jalaah Moore and her date to their senior prom in Memphis, Tennessee – possibly the least uncool chaperoning that has ever taken place in that city. Mostly because you would expect the Champagne Papi himself to at the very least make some effort toward spiking the punch.

Best Day Everrrr???????????? @champagnepapi

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As you can imagine, the kids were reasonably pleased that Drake was at their prom, even though it makes them irrelevant players in their own damn lives. Drake took to the scene in an extremely understated and very Drake turtleneck.


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According to TMZ, he then threw a “party at Hard Rock for about 400 of her suddenly super-close friends”. An afterparty for 400 people at Hard Rock Cafe is truly the greatest way imaginable to shepherd out the most formative time of your life. And also a wonderful time for the staff, I’m sure.
Source: TMZ.
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