Drake Bell’s ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge Ft. Totally Kyle Will Send You Into A Nostalgic K-Hole

TikTok’s ‘wipe it down’ challenge is well underway, as you’d probably already gathered after scrolling through your feed for 3 seconds. And although most of the iterations are, put simply, bad, one challenge entry has reigned supreme, while simultaneously slapping me back into my tween years.

The person responsible for this severe slapping is Drake Bell. He jumped on the trend today, featuring a surprise appearance from everyone’s favourite hippie surfer bro Kyle. Yes, tie-die-wearing, guitar-playing 00’s king Totally Kyle from The Amanda Show.

I’d completely forgotten about his existence in my childhood but, hey, here we are.

The ‘Tok itself has amassed over 600k likes in under 24 hours, predominately from Millennials and Gen Z cusps, as anyone below this demographic wouldn’t have the faintest idea as to whomst this man was.

@drakebell##wipe ##wipeitdown ##wipeitdownchallenge ##wipeit ##whipeitdown ##quarantinelife ##whipechallenge ##whipeitdownchallenge♬ original sound – drakebell

Many punters couldn’t help but notice the Haunted Mansion shower curtains…

…but, as it turns out, his entire house is Disneyland-themed. The guy loves the shit. Froths the stuff. (Check out the recent virtual house tour he gave here.)

I shall now watch Totally Kyle YouTube videos on repeat. I will not be laughing, but will occasionally let a slight chortle in honour of my 8-year-old self, who thought he was God’s gift. Goodbye now