Don’t Worry Darling Is On Track To Be A Box Office Hit After That Absolute Turd Of A Press Tour

Don't Worry Darling olivia wilde

Don’t Worry Darling is probably the most talked-about film of the year, for all the wrong reasons. The Olivia Wilde-directed film’s had pretty mixed reviews, leaning towards bad. But that doesn’t matter in showbiz, baby! It’s projected to be a box-office hit anyway! Hmm, what could *possibly* be the reason why…

Industry publications like Deadline, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter are all reporting that Don’t Worry Darling, which officially opens this week, is projected to rake in more than USD$20 million on its opening weekend based off pre-purchased ticket sales alone.

For a relatively low-budget film, that’s a pretty good debut.

The industry publications put the interest down to the appeal of star Harry Styles. Despite apparently spitting on his co-star Chris Pine during the movie’s chaotic Venice Film Festival outing, he has many fans who will rush to watch him on the big screen.

It’s also clear that the high drama surrounding Don’t Worry Darling has actually piqued moviegoers’ interest in the flick. A 31 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes just adds to to the intrigue. Is it going to be so bad it’s good? Is Harry’s dramatic acting as bad as people on TikTok are making it out to be?

Is noted film critic Kim Kardashian‘s verdict of “it’s really good!” going to ring true? According to my colleague Michael, who saw the film last night, “it gives Netflix Original”. Hmm.

During the abject chaos of the Don’t Worry Darling press tour — which you can re-visit in our complete timeline right HERE — I remember wondering if the film’s director / Styles’ girlfriend Olivia Wilde was having a quiet mental breakdown over all the controversy surrounding her movie.

But then I realised that if I was semi-interested in seeing Don’t Worry Darling to witness the trainwreck for myself, countless others would be that level of petty too.

This is free marketing at it’s very best! Somewhere, Olivia Wilde is stroking a Persian cat, Dr Evil style, and fanning herself with money.

If you want to make your mind up for yourself, Don’t Worry Darling hits Aussie cinemas on October 6.