An enterprising car seller has put an otherwise less-than-ordinary 1999 Lexus GS coupe for sale on eBay, but jacked up the price because it once belonged to The Wolf Of Gatsby Unchained himself, Leonardo DiCaprio. If you’re interested, bidding on the Leonardo DeCar-prio starts at $5000, or you can snap it up for the low, low Buy It Now price of just $20,000. And yes, the car can be shipped worldwide.

The item listing from the eager eBayer reads:

This Motor Trend Import Car of the Year was owned by the internationally famous actor and film producer Leonardo DiCaprio! From his first car, a 60’s Mustang filled with the classic Windsor 351 to his present environmentally friendly $100K+ea Fisker and Tesla, Leo has always loved insanely fast cars.

It comes at no surprise that the A-List Actor made this his car of choice to accompany his many exotic girlfriends like, drama series Gossip Girl Blake Lively, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Bar Refaeli, and Playboy Model Monica Hansen. Confirmed by the cars former service manager in Beverley Hills, Gisele Bundchen has been seen as a passenger when dropping this car off for service.

Yes that’s right, you can actually own a car with a passenger seat that once cradled Giselle’s perfectly formed buttocks! The seller even suggests that the fictional “Heart Of The Ocean” blue diamond featured in Titanic is what inspired Leo “to purchase this stunning Blue Onyx colored GS IX00”.

The car doesn’t have sweaty handmarks all over the back windows, so DiCaprio’s role in Titanic might not have had as much influence over the car’s purchase as the seller would like you to think. The car boasts a 4.0 litre V8 engine, power everything, and room for an Academy Award (one day, Leo. One day). No word on whether there’s a toothmarked pencil left in the glovebox to compare with Leo’s bite imprint to confirm authenticity.

Images via eBay