Director Reckons His Doritos Ad That Horrified The USA Should Have Won

If you forget our national “go on mate, give it a crack” attitude, and set aside any patriotic leanings you may harbour, it’s still obvious Australia’s entry to this year’s Doritos Super Bowl ad comp was absolutely robbed. 

Peter Carstairs continued our fine tradition of knocking together stellar / gross corn chip ads, only to find Ultrasound had been beaten to a USD $1M payout by a bunch of anthropomorphic dogs. That’s despite his ad having millions and millions more views on YouTube prior to the Super Bowl’s broadcast, and being the first documented case of birth assisted by snacks. 

He told News Limited “we absolutely obliterated them online,” and that the decision to screen all three competitors, instead of solely the winner, was a head-scratcher.

“When we heard they were screening two, our immediate thought was that we haven’t won. But because ours was the most popular of the ads, they want to screen ours too,” the Melburnian pondered, before adding “it’s really hard to understand how they won.”

Still, it’s not all bad. The ad’s exposure – and let’s face it, having your work displayed to hundreds of millions is actually worthwhile exposure – has landed him meetings with agencies in the States, despite some hand-wringers freaking out about it. 

“Arguably there should have been a lot more [negative reactions],” he said. Don’t expect corn chips to become standard OG/GYN equipment, though. 

Source: News Limited. 
Photo: Youtube.