Cast your minds back about twelve months or so, when we all collectively swelled with national pride over the fact that one of our own up-and-coming filmmakers had smashed their way into the final stages of Doritos‘ annual (and quite enormous) Crash The Super Bowl advertising competition.

The comp runs every year and throws the doors open to clever sods worldwide in search of the 30 second TV spot that the corn chip giant will run in an extremely sought after spot during the Super Bowl – traditionally the place where ad space is at its most outrageously expensive due to the sheer volume of eyes that will see it.

The ad in question, featuring the hilarious (if not ever-so-slightly gross) Doritos Finger Cleaner, racked up some 4 million-odd views on YouTube and gave us all a good guffaw.

Fast forward through to this year, and apparently we, as a nation, have not been content to simply rest on any laurels and be all “Yep. Sick. Good job. Put a pin in that one.” Rather, we’ve casually gone ahead duplicated last year’s efforts thrice over, with three – count ’em – THREE entries from Australian creative wunderkinds making it through to the semi-final round of this year’s competition.

This trio of legends whom have the visual nous to sell triangular chips of glory with tongue firmly planted in cheek go by the names of Armand De Saint-Salvy, Luke Seer Brown, and Hugh Fleming.

The semi-final stage of the competition culls entries down to 29 from a worldwide field of hundreds upon hundreds. The ultimate winner of the competition not only gets their ad played during the Super Bowl in February, but pockets a cool $1million grand prize, along with a twelve month contract to work on site at Universal Pictures in Hollywood.

How good are the ads this year? See for yourselves!

Here’s Armand’s entry, “Manchild.”

And Fleming’s little ditty entitled “Gone Ape.”

Finally, Luke Seer Brown’s effort (and not to show bias, but it’s my favourite) “Meditasting.”

Even managing to get to the semi-finals of this competition represents a huge boost for all three of their respective careers, and is a huge achievement in and of itself.

Way to go, you absolute, full donk champions! Knock ’em dead!

via Mumbrella.