Glorious Australian Doritos Ad Contender For Million Dollar Super Bowl Win

Equal parts Being John Malkovich, Wayne’s World and Interior. Leather Bar in its concept, Finger Cleaner is not only the sole Australian submission in a competition to Crash The Super Bowl, making it a very real contender for a tidy cash prize of one million US dollars (should you find the time to pull your finger out of your mid-afternoon Doritos snack pack and vote), but also an admirable, slightly repulsive feat of Australian ingenuity addressing a very real problem. Also, it’s a really great ad. 

Executed by 27-year-old Sydney-based writer and director Tom Noakes, Finger Cleaner is one of five finalists in an international user-generated content competition that garnered thousands of submissions from over thirty countries worldwide, all competing in the bid for priceless exposure in front of an audience that last year boasted an estimated 108.4 million viewers.
Voting is open until January 29th, and two finalists will also be granted the opportunity to work with Joss Whedon on the set of Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The five filmmakers will find out if their entries were successful during Super Bowl XLVIII as they watch on from a private luxury suite – the air thick with anticipation and tangy nacho cheese dust, the competitors colder than the bounteous PepsiCo™ beverages. 
You can vote for Finger Licker here, and follow its progress on Facebook and Twitter.