Pls Enjoy This Bonkers Deuxmoi Story About A Celeb Forcing His Date To Watch Kangaroo Jack

There’s a whole lot of damning, salacious, jaw-dropping goss going around right now so I thought we’d delve into something far more tame and wholesome but nonetheless intriguing. Someone wrote in to Deuxmoi with a yarn about their recent bang with a celebrity.

The anonymous person recounted how the celebrity was a perfect gentleman, great in the sack, but had one weird antic: he insisted on watching iconically bad but brilliant film Kangaroo Jack.

“So I hooked up with a certain A/B list hottie a few months ago and I just can’t keep this story to myself,” the yarn began.

“He was a perfect gentleman and the sex was fire but afterwards he made me watch Kangaroo Jack.”

They continued, “He was like super invested in the movie and shushed me whenever I tried to talk.”

The tea-spiller gave us one hint to identify who the bloke is: “he’s talked about on here often.”

No offence, but that’s no hint at all. It could literally be anyone.

But regardless, it’s nice to know that not all celebs are total freaks (in a bad way, that is).

Some famous men are perfect gentlemen who like to pleasure people then indulge in a screening of Kangaroo Jack. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

The 2003 film starred Jerry O’Connell, Anthony Anderson, Estella Warren, Michael Shannon, and Christopher Walken along with a CGI kangaroo.

It was filmed Down Under in 2001 and was originally intended to be a movie with cursing, sex, and violence before being watered down to the family friendly flick we ended up with.

Although it received heinous rewards and scored multiple Razzies and Stinkers Bad Movie nominations, it also scored a bunch of positive noms and even won a Kids’ Choice Award.

What was the award, you ask? Favourite Fart in a Movie.

Yep. The Kids’ Choice Awards has an actual category for best fart in film and this movie won it that year.

That’s the calibre of cinema we’re dealing with here.

But again, there’s something so wholesome about this choice of flick and I’m into it.