Depop is a fantastic place to sell clothes. Pretty much everyone on there is fashion obsessed – I’ve found loads of bargains sold by wonderful sellers who post items promptly, are lovely and communicative, and have great style.

But there’s always going to be bad eggs in the mix. No matter how vigilant platform managers are at weeding these charlatans out, another is there to take their place. They’re rare, especially on Depop I’ve found, but they’re there.

Depop Drama, the famous Instagram page dedicated to LOL convos between buyers and sellers, usually finds the most chaotic of the bunch.

Like this person who sold someone “blue light glasses” by “Ray-Ban” except they are… well…

Yep, some absolute maniac decided to colour in the lenses on some old glasses and pass them off as blue light Ray-Bans.

The convo between the buyer and seller is also *kissy fingers*, by the way.

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high quality expensive

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Absolutely screaming at “they are high quality expensive” here, as well as the seller telling the buyer to contact Ray-Ban about her clearly counterfeit (not even, what’s a word for this) glasses.

You thought your botched online buy was a bad one, this definitely takes the cake.