The Internet Is Losing It At This Resurfaced Depop Horror Story From MAFS Fave Tahnee Cook

An old Depop horror story from Married At First Sight’s Tahnee Cook has resurfaced and it’s truly an incredibly bonkers interweb tale.

OFC, just like everyone else, the participants of MAFS had a life before joining the polarising reality TV show. Prior to joining the experiment, it seemed like Tahnee was already on the social media grind with her TikTok content touching on topics like beauty and fashion. After all, her official MAFS profile stated she was a PR manager, so she definitely has that creative/content creator bone in her.

However, a storytime that was originally posted in 2021 — waaay before Cook’s time on MAFS — has surfaced after the IG page Depop Drama (@depopdrama) reposted the video. Even though this is an old AF story, it’ll leave you with your jaw dropped.

@itstahnee depop buyers seriously be like… 😂 #depop #depopseller #depopsellers #depopdrama #depopstorytime #depopscam #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – itstahnee

“I knew people on Depop could be a bit scabby, cheap, that kinda vibe, but nothing could prepare me for this,” she said at the start of her video.

The reality TV star showed pants she was selling on the site, which were originally $500 but she brought down to $350. She then shared a message she received in regard to the pants she was selling.

The message said: “Hey would you sell these for $100 – $150? I’m struggling at the moment and would love these for my last festival as I’m going through chemotherapy at the moment and want to shine on my last days.”

The censored account went on to say, “Splendour In The Grass was on their Make-A-Wish List”, and they didn’t want to go to the festival without the pants.

Cook revealed that she didn’t respond immediately as she was trying to process the contents of the message, which were a lot TBH. But ding ding! A second message came through from the anonymous buyer.

“Hey the doc just called, turns out it’s just the flu!!! Silly me!!” the message said. SILLY ME? WHAT.

“I was getting chemo this whole time, and I didn’t even need it! But then again, all the doctors’ appointments did cost me a fair bit. So would you still consider the 100-150 offer? Thank you xo,” the message read.

Just like the MAFS bride, I am shook! Literally, my mouth is agape as I type out this article. I’ve seen a lot of shitty negotiations via Facebook marketplace screenshots and Reddit’s r/ChoosingBeggars, but yikes. This one is definitely something in and of itself.

One person wrote under @DepopDrama’s post: “Go all out to haggle, get no response, so reverse haggle. Seems legit.”

Another person wrote, “Someone buckling under the obvious immorality of lying about cancer for a deal and so trying to back peddle and still get the deal feels peak Depop.”

Cook posted an update a couple of days later, revealing that she never responded to the messages and she sold the pants to another person.

I totally understand wanting something so bad that ya gotta negotiate the price, but to use sickness as leverage during negotiations over pants? Girly, no!!!