Depop Is Flogging Vintage 2000 Olympics Merch If You’ve Been Missin’ Those Strawberry Kisses

Sydney Olympics Depop

The headline says it all, pals. Depop is brimming with precious merch from the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and since Seven is re-running the glorious event on screens this month, you may as well dress for the occasion. Don’t mind me, because I’m about to fall into a deep Depop hole.

Plug “Sydney Olympics” into Depop and you’ll cop goodies like this official Sydney 2000 Olympics polo from Reuse and Abuse (@reuseandabuse). At 15 per cent off, you can grab it for $34.

Get around this Sydney Olympics parka, which was listed one day ago on Stella Store (@stella___store). If you’re keen, you better be quick. The size L goodie costs $6o.

Need a cap? Check out this Sydney Olympics one (15 bucks) from Rookie Error (@rookieerror).

What about this Bonds Sydney Olympics Torch Relay polo (size small, $25) from Tom Jessup (@tomjessup)?

Or, maybe this bucket hat from LEX$ (@alexad)? Yours for $30, plus shipping.

OR, because I cannot be stopped, this 2000 Sydney Paralympics jacket? It’s listed for $24 from Chloe Deprez (@chloedeprez)

I am very keen on this vintage Bonds Sydney 2000 Olympics tee ($50) from Helen Zhang (@helen_zhang).

And lastly, a cap that is sadly already sold out. However, I just had to share it with you all because it is vibrating with 2000s energy.

Seven will air the two-part Olympic series, showcasing the very best of the legendary event. Episode one will include new interviews with Vanessa Amorosi, Human Nature, and Nikki Webster. Then come August 5, Seven will air the second episode titled Moments That Moved Us. 

Also, if you’ve got a couple of ol’ graphic tees laying about, you might want to consider selling them on Depop. The team behind the groovy marketplace app say the t-shirts have never been so popular.

We’re talking sportswear to streetwear and everything between.

Depop’s Australian curator Dara Petlueng said vintage and sportswear goods have always had a strong presence across both supply and demand.

“The rise in demand for vintage fashion is a result of wanting to preserve the past, but also actively participate in conscious consumption,” Petlueng said. “It’s a win-win.”

I just have to show you this tee from Victoria Bitter (@victoriabitter). I mean, look at it.

The beer shirt, size L, costs $40, by the way.

If you want to suss out all things Depop, click HERE.