Deadpool Has Gone Wandering & Is Showing Up On Random BluRay Covers

One thing we know to be absolutely true about the team behind Deadpool is that they know their way around a marketing stunt.

And with Deadpool 2 staring down the barrel of a global theatrical release, this newest stunt might just take the cake.

Keen-eyed punters at Walmart stores across the US noticed something a little strange in the BluRay section, with a whole mess of films suddenly sporting an unexpected visitor on their covers.

Seems the Merc with a Mouth has gone wandering, and has begun showing up on the cover of a whole mess of other flicks.

And hell no, it’s not just limited to X-Men films either. We’re talking Fight ClubEdward ScissorhandsOffice SpaceAssassin’s Creed and such. Hell, even My Cousin Vinny is in there, because of course it is.

The special slip covers were placed over a handful of copies of the actual movies they were aping; no secret copy of Deadpool 1 lurking beneath there.

Frankly, we’d pay through the teeth to see a shot-for-shot remake of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly with Deadpool in the title role cracking wise and breaking the fourth wall every two minutes.

Sure, it’d cost way too much for it to be in any way practical, but let us dream, god damn it.

Deadpool 2 is in cinemas across Australia right feckin’ now.