The Creator Of ‘Deadpool’ Says He Sobbed Like A Baby During ‘Deadpool 2’

Fox have successfully kept the plot of Deadpool 2 locked down tighter than … I dunno, a really tight thing, it’s too early in the morning to be coming up with crude jokes. That said, the first reactions to the movie have started to come out on social media, and consensus seems pretty blood positive so far.

One person who has seen the movie is Rob Liefeld, the writer and artist who created the character alongside Fabian Nicieza, and he was apparently moved to tears by the whole experience. Overnight, Liefeld took to Twitter to write:

“I cried at the end of Deadpool 2. Part was the nostalgia of the particular track blasting but mostly the emotion that they had landed the plane in such spectacular fashion. The plane is the movie in this analogy, there is no important plane landing sequence I’m referencing.”

He went on to say:

“I wiped those tears away as fast as I could before the lights came up because I couldn’t have everyone going “Why is Liefeld crying over Deadpool 2?” Movie is a blast. Dream come true. Spectacular hurdle cleared. Get ready for Cable, Domino and the rest!”

The guy who created Deadpool probably has a vested interest in convincing us that that the upcoming sequel is good, but we’ll give this one to Liefeld, as he has literally not stopped heaping praise on the film and Marvel all day.

Following his Twitter posts, Liefeld took to Instagram to write:

“If, for whatever reason, my relationship with Marvel ended tomorrow, I am so appreciative that they gave me my own sandbox to create dynamic new characters. The fans were always there for me and these fun characters!” 

Deadpool 2 arrives in Aussie cinemas on May 16, and to be honest, we’ll probably just be watching this sublime Celine Dion video until then: