‘Deadpool’ Comic Creator Bummed We Won’t See Donald Glover’s Animated Series

At the LA world premiere of Marvel‘s latest blockbuster, Ant-Man and the Wasp, earlier this week, the co-creator of the og Deadpool comics, Rob Liefeld, spilled to Variety that he “mourn[s] the loss” of Donald Glover’s Deadpool animated series.

I thought the whole thing was brilliant. And I really can’t say anything more than that or I’ll get into all sorts of trouble from every side.

But I mean, I mourn the loss of that entire project. Donald is a genius, and I’ll always wonder how that would have worked out.

Liefield continued: “But Marvel says: ‘Rob, good things are coming.’ And good things have always come, so I’m gonna believe them and hang on for dear life.”

Back in May last year, it was announced that Glover would be writing a 10-episode animated series centred on the wise-crackin’ quick-healin’ anti-hero, with his brother and co-writer on Atlanta, Stephen Glover, for US cable network FXX.

But the series – which had already signed on Archer animators/producers Floyd County – was scrapped in March this year, the network citing “creative differences“.

Just a few days later, in a since-deleted Twitter post, Glover shared a hypothetical Deadpool animated series script, which seemed to directly address the show’s cancellation, captioned: “For the record: i wasnt too busy to work on deadpool.” Essentially the script featured Deadpool –  a surrogate for Glover himself – speaking to the late Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino in the world, about the possible reasons the show was axed, like whether the show didn’t appeal enough to white audiences, or if Glover had personally shit off Marvel.

You can still read a full transcript of Glover’s work, care of The Hollywood Reporter, HERE.

And while we may not have Glover’s take – which, Liefeld is right, would’ve been brilliant – we do still have cartoon Deadpool in Ultimate Spiderman.