A Look Back At Every Single Super Duper Promo For ‘Deadpool 2’

Mates, Deadpool 2 is on its way rapidly. We only have 12. More. Days. before our fave merc with the mouth breaks the fourth wall to say hello to you all again. So in the name of bloody pure excitement, let’s relive every single (I think) fabulous promo Deadpool has done for Deadpool 2. 

But first, you gotta love the banter between Ryan and Josh.

Judging by the ol’ Colosseum in the background, the boys are in Rome on this fine Sunday night.


Also x 2, just quickly. Let’s talk the plot.

So Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) weirdly chooses to protect a lil’ mutant boy, played by Kiwi kid Julian Dennison, from mutant-from-the-future Cable (Josh Brolin). To do this, Wade AKA Deadpool decides to put together a super duper X-Force made up of fellow mutants to try and take down Cable.

Inject a lot of brilliant wittiness and gore between those details and you have Deadpool 2. 

The X-Force is made up of a cast including human sunbeam Terry Crews, Zazie Beetz, Bill Skarsgård AKA Pennywise the Clown and our own Japanese-Australian actor Shiori Kutsuna just to name a few.

Oh, and Peter – average, average Peter who we can all relate to.

Peter has his own Twitter – brilliant marketing.

Peter W.

Seriously, whoever thought of this – too good.

He’s like everyone’s favourite uncle/dad on social media.

No Good Deed

This, if I recall correctly, was one of our first tastes of Deadpool 2 and it was nothing short of perfection.

Bob Ross



So random, so good, so bloody good. #bettyh-white

All seasons of Bob Ross randomly appeared on Netflix some time later and I binged my way through it all.

Deadpool, Meet Cable

AKA Wade trolling Cable for two minutes and ten seconds complete with spectacular narration and little action figures.


You’ve all probably seen this but we must watch it again because Canadian sweethearts Deadpool and Céline Dion team up for Ashes – a track off the official soundtrack of Deadpool 2. 

And in case you didn’t know:

Onya Yanis Marshall. 

The Ambitious Crossover

Deadpool’s Avengers rejection letter from one Tony Stark. 

Hugh Jackman

Something’s going on, something is definitely going on folks.

We all know there’s a super secret cameo in the film. They had to re-shoot specifically for it. Is it Hugh Jackman?


Or at least please be Betty White. Ryan did work with her on The Proposal. 

Where’s Wade?

And finally, there are too many hidden Easter eggs in here. Have funnnnnn.

May 18 folks. May 16 for advanced screen-ers.

Grab your tickets HERE.

Oh, and for a comprehensive trailer, chuck the below a suss.