There’s A Wild Fan Theory About The Final Scene Of Netflix’s ‘Dead To Me’

If, like me, you recently decided to give Netflix dark comedy series Dead to Me a crack, chances are you already know how it ends ‘coz it’s near impossible to start that twist-heavy show without binge-watching every ep in one sitting.

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So ya know how it ends with a deceased Steve (James Marsden) floating in the pool after being shot?

Well, you must be wondering all kinds of things like how exactly did it go down? Was there a struggle between Jen (Christina Applegate) and Steve that led to the shooting? Will Judy (Linda Cardellini) and Jen rekindle their friendship after she potentially helps her dispose of the body? And for an inquisitive few, was Jen even the one to fire the gun?

Reddit user Maryssmith is v. suss on how the series concluded and thinks there was more to the ending than meets the eye.

She points out that the sudden return of the Mexican lasagne-wielding Karen may have been a clue that points to a potential season two storyline.

As we know, the show was riddled with clues that teased the many twists and turns so her rando return at the end of the series was clearly meant to serve some purpose.

I mean, sure, her purpose very well could have just been to inform Jen of the intruder law but the clever Reddit user makes a strong case that suggests Karen might be the one who shot Steve.

It’s possible that the security system-loving Karen heard the alarm and snuck back to Jen’s to see what was going on, armed with a gun.

The busy body neighbour then hangs around and sees the face-off between Jen and Steve and decides to help her new friend by shooting her intruder who refuses to leave.

There are some fan theories online that point the finger at Jen’s son Charlie but this doesn’t really make sense ‘coz firstly he wouldn’t have had easy access to a weapon to shoot Steve with and also, Charlie walked into the main house, but based on the way Steve was floating in the pool, a shooter likely got him from behind.

This would mean that Charlie would have had to find a gun, then run out of the house (in front of Steve) and get behind him to shoot him in the back. Seems unlikely to me.

Maryssmith also raises the fair point that if Charlie really did kill Steve, Jen would probably be consoling him rather than calmly looking at Steve’s floating body.

There’s no word yet as to whether or not season two is even a thing so it’s possible that the writers left the ending open to allow for a follow up storyline should they get picked up, perhaps dealing with the aftermath of ~whoever~ shot Steve.

So basically this is an unverified fan theory but I’ve gotta say, it makes total sense.

kudos to all you inquisitive stans