David Harbour Of ‘Stranger Things’ Crashed A High Schooler’s Yearbook Pics

In a story from Hollywood that is refreshingly not terrible, Stranger Things actor David Harbour, aka Police Chief Jim Hopper, aka the subject of our most profound and serious crush, has made good on a promise to crash a high school student’s yearbook photos, after her social media post went viral.

In October of this year, a California student named Damaris Tweeted at the actor to ask him how many retweets it would take for him to be in her senior photos with her; he replied that for 25,000, he would do it, and wear a school sweatshirt, and hold onto a trombone.

That was a pretty good deal, and the original offer was eventually retweeted more than 30,000 times, so David Harbour, a man of his word, followed through on his promise, and guys, will you just LOOK at the delightful series of photos these two took together?

“Voted most likely to hijack someone’s high school senior photos 24 years later,” wrote Harbour, thanking Damaris and photographer Tommy Garcia “for making a dream come true and proving my high school classmates right!!”

Apparently the actor also had a crack at playing the unwieldy instrument for himself, with Damaris adding on Twitter: “Oh I forgot to say yesterday David was playing the trombone and I gave that an A – little rough but well played!”

Pardon me now while I spend the rest of the day scheming up ways to get Police Chief Jim Daddy Bear Hopper to crash the PTV office.