The Masked Singer Judges Are ‘Gutted’ Lindsay Lohan Isn’t There This Season & Look, Same

Masked Singer judge Dannii Minogue has expressed how “gutted” her fellow judges are that Ms Lindsay Lohan didn’t return for season 2 – a sentiment I think we can all agree with (LiLo, we miss you dearly).

“We let Lindsay know we’re gutted she’s not there,” Minogue told Daily Telegraph.

“We really bonded and have all kept in touch with her the entire time since the show.”

It’s a universal truth that LiLo, and her complete lack of Oz knowledge, was the highlight of last season, so it’ll be interested to see how season 2 compensates for the LiLo-shaped hole in our hearts.

Speaking of the upcoming season, fellow judge Jackie O poured some BTS tea on The Kyle and Jackie O Show today in regards to the show’s strict social distancing procedures.

“There’s a lot of stuff that’s different now,” she said. “We have a Zoom audience at home of super-fans. We’ve got partitions in between us. There’s a lot of stuff going on. We can’t even stand next to each other.”

Audiences via… Zoom? Time to grab the popcorn, mates, ’cause I can’t wait to see how they try to pull this one off.

The new season of Masked Singer is set to kick off next Monday (August 10) at 7.30PM on 10.

As for the aforementioned LiLo-shaped hole in our hearts? NZ comedian and actor Urzila Carlson will be taking the reigns.