Holy Shit, Apparently Dylan Alcott Was Very Close To Being On The Masked Singer This Year

The next season of The Masked Singer is fast approaching our screens for another run at celebrities in insane costumes trying to sing while not being recognised, and it turns out 10/10 legend Dylan Alcott was in talks to be a part of the incoming competition.

Chatting on his radio show, the Hit Network’s Weekend Breakfast, the Aussie tennis legend, Olympic gold medalist, Wimbledon winner, and dad to a very cute sausage dog named Sauce revealed he was in discussions with Channel 10, trying to line it all up so he could appear on the second season of The Masked Singer.

I’m sorry but this absolutely needs to happen now, you can’t just tease us like this and then not have it happen.

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In chats with Masked Singer host, Dave Hughes, Dylan said that because there were so many cancelled tennis tournaments this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, he was legit considering appearing on the show.

Naturally, Dylan’s wheelchair came up (which would definitely be a big giveaway to who’s under the mask and costume) and he reckoned people would have thought it was either him or actor Peter Dinklage.

“I think if and when I’m on, you’ll either think it’s me or Peter Dinklage, the guy off Game of Thrones,” he said.

“Cause who else is going to be 120cm tall in a costume?”

I’ve had a bit of a think on this one Dyl, and maybe you should dress up as something with wheels. Like, what about that truck from Johnson & Friends? What was his name? Diesel? He was pretty cool and nobody will question how and why you’re rolling around on the stage.

dylan alcott masked singer diesel truck
Ah, the perfect disguise.

He also apparently auditioned for Australian Idol years ago before he became a huge Aussie sporting legend, so it’s not his first vocal rodeo, either. Sorry mates but this definitely needs to happen, even if he gets figured out in the first episode because everyone knows it’s him straight away.

Can we also please note that Dyl said “if and when I’m on” as well? Like, he’s absolutely not ruling it out here, so it could still happen. I personally need to know what his singing sounds like because I fully reckon he has a good set of pipes on him.

Is this what’s going to pull me into watching the cursed mask show? You bet your sweet ass it is.