The 1st Weird Al Biopic Trailer’s Here And For Some Reason Daniel Radcliffe Is Majorly Ripped?

daniel radcliffe weird al yankovic

The first trailer for the “Weird Al” Yankovic biopic has dropped and I simply must use whatever minutes of your attention I have right now to talk about how Daniel Radcliffe looks smoking hot. I may be a movie enjoyer, but I’m a hole first and foremost. This is important news to me.

When I went to watch the trailer for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story I truly did not know what to expect. For months we’ve known this movie was coming and that Radcliffe would be donning an absolutely abhorrent wig throughout the film’s duration — but that was about it.

Now we finally know that the movie is a rather parodical look at Al Yankovic’s life with some slight adjustments for comedic value. I mean, how do you make a movie about the life of a parody legend without making a couple of tweaks?

In the trailer, Al Yankovic battles with drugs and booze (which did not happen in real life) as he’s taunted by the bad influence of Madonna (Evan Rachel Wood). Quinta Brunson is there as Oprah Winfrey and the real-life “Weird Al” also makes an appearance to play a record executive.

It’s basically a comedy movie and I’m so here for it.

What I’m also here for is Daniel Radcliffe’s wildly defined six-pack and incredibly sharp v-line. Not to sound like a cheeky little hoe on main but I’m going absolutely FERAL.

I think the main reason I’m so obsessed with Radcliffe’s look in this movie is that he absolutely did not need to look RIPPED for this role. It’s “Weird Al” we’re talking about. The man is barely ever shirtless and definitely isn’t packing cum gutters that’ll poke your eyes out.

daniel radcliffe weird al yankovic
I’ll say it, Daniel Radcliffe has always been a hottie in my eyes.

Radcliffe standing there in a silly wig and an open shirt is giving me conflicting feelings. I don’t know whether to laugh or spray myself with water like a misbehaved cat.

I feel like casting Radcliffe to play a hot “Weird Al” plays into the movie being an exaggeration of real events. If I had a movie made about my life I’d definitely want to be played by someone attractive.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is a Roku Original film, so there’s no clear way for Aussies to view it when it comes out on September 8. We’ll keep you posted though, I want all the girlies to appreciate all the hard work Radcliffe has put into this role.