Parody Icon Weird Al Yankovic Was Chuffed To Be Namechecked In Stranger Things 4

Weird Al Yankovic (first name Weird, last name Al Yankovic) has responded to his name drop in Stranger Things season four in a short but sweet Twitter post.

The legendary comedian with easily the best hair in the biz was referenced during a high school cafeteria scene between Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) and Stranger Things newcomer Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

Eddie describes the moment he first met Dustin and Mike, crouching between the two and turning to Dustin to say, “You were wearing a Weird Al t-shirt, which I thought was brave.”

Weird Al re-posted the scene to his Twitter account with the caption “#Brave #StrangerThings”.

Season four of Stranger Things is set in 1986 and Weird Al was well and truly spreading his weirdness across America by that time. In 1984, he released the album “Weird Al” Yankovic in 3-D which featured the single Eat It, a parody of Michael Jackson‘s Beat It. 

Eat It was Weird Al Yankovic’s highest charting single in the US until White & Nerdy dropped in 2006. When your team wins pub trivia with that little Weird Al factoid, you will have me to thank.

Weird Al actually had a song on the Stranger Things season three soundtrack. My Bologna, his genius take on My Sharona, was featured in the show – which makes me think that part of the kids’ lore is that they’re Weird Al stans. Too cute.

This week Netflix placed giant vaginas – um I mean portals to the upside down – around the globe to promote the latest season of the sci-fi series, which has been split into two parts. Volume I dropped on Friday, and Volume II is coming out on July 1.