Courtney Act Spills The Tea On Which Queens Should Snatch The ‘Drag Race Australia’ Crown

After Aussie network, ITV Australia, ru-vealed it had picked up the rights for a down-under version of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race‘, fans’ brains have been ticking over of who exactly should take it to the runway in the Aussie version of the massive drag reality show. So we asked Drag Race alum, Courtney Act, who she thinks should enter the werkroom.

Between the sold-out run of her new pop-cabaret FLUID in Sydney, and somehow preparing to not shit herself during the huge live broadcast of the Mardi Gras parade for SBD on Saturday night, PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke with Courtney about who she would like to see lip sync for their lives.

“I really want to see Dallas DellaforceArt Simone, Vanity Faire on Drag Race Australia,” Courtney said.

“They’re all amazing drag queens, and I feel like Australian drag has so much talent in it that I want the world to see them all sparkle.”

As for if she’s going to be involved with Drag Race, Courtney said that’d love to but she’s worried she’d be “very biased” because Vanity Faire is literally her partner in the illustrious and voluptuous wig business.

“People are like ‘are you going be a judge?’ and like, I would if they asked me,” Courtney said.

“I would be worried because Vanity and I own ‘Wigs By Vanity’ together – and maybe I shouldn’t say this in case I am ending up as the judge and she is on the show – but I think it would be a bit weird me judging my business partner.”

But I also just think that Vanity is the most exceptional drag queen ever. She really taught me so much of what I know, and I’m definitely forever indebted to the creativity that she at times reluctantly and at times graciously shared with me.”

So what looks are these potential, Courtney Act-approved, Drag Race Australia queens serving, you ask? I took the liberty to have a little comb through their socials and hoo boy, if these queens do get picked up for the eventual first season, we’re going to see some bloody fierce looks turned out on the runway, I tell you what.

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I don’t know what it is but Dallas Dellaforce gives me very big Alyssa Edwards vibes, and I am supremely here for it.

Meanwhile, Art Simone is just fucking FLAWLESS. God would you LOOK at all this talent??

And I can see why Courtney Act wants Vanity Faire on Drag Race so badly; these videos of her talking through her looks are so fucking great. Also I would like to own at least one (1) of her wigs please. Just make my hair reach the gods, thank you.

If you’ve been missing Courtney Act on your screens, she’ll be working the runway (Oxford Street) on Saturday night as part of the live broadcast of the Sydney Mardi Gras parade. It all kicks off on SBS from 7.30pm AEDT.