US sitcom Fresh Off The Boat was officially cancelled today, and the internet, shady as ever, wasted absolutely no time in congratulating Constance Wu on the news.

In case you somehow forgot, the star made headlines last year when she reacted to the news that her show had been renewed with anger and disbelief.

Everyone’s Congratulating Constance Wu For ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Getting Cancelled

She even commented “dislike” on an Instagram post about the show getting picked up for a sixth season.

Everyone’s Congratulating Constance Wu For ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Getting Cancelled

Wu later clarified her outburst in a statement, saying that while she was proud to be a part of the comedy, its renewal got in the way of another project that would have challenged her as an artist.

With the news today of Fresh Off The Boat’s cancellation, Constance Wu began trending, as everyone rushed to come up with the hottest take on the situation:

Constance Wu, who starred in Crazy Rich Asians and this year’s excellent Hustlers, will next voice a character in the animated film Wish Dragon

She has not yet made a public comment on Fresh Off The Boat coming to an end.

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When I first started in this business, all I wanted to do was work as an actor. Preferably in projects that paid money. It would be an added bonus if I got to work on something that was actually good and preferably not racist. A steady gig of any kind would’ve been beyond my wildest dreams. I would’ve been completely happy to be a funny neighbor or snarky co-worker. At the time, those were the kinds of roles that were available for folks like me, so I would’ve been fine with that. Then, Fresh Off The Boat came along, and it gave me all that and so much more. Aside from being a really great show made by incredibly talented people, it was also not racist! In fact, Fresh Off The Boat was the opposite. It was humanizing. It was hilarious and full of heart. It was groundbreaking. It was an Asian American family on television. For six seasons, I got to play a man of many dimensions: a loving father and husband, a friend, a boss… I got to laugh, to cry, to sing, to dance, to be a real human being. And to think I got paid in actual money! For something I would have happily done for free.* – – Thank you to Nahnatchka Khan, @chineseguy88, Jake Kasdan, @mreddiehuang, @20thcenfoxtv, @abcnetwork, Justin and Missy, Matt and Keith, our incredible writers, and the entire cast and crew for being the best humans. And most of all, thank you to the fans. . (*To clarify, I would have done that first season for free. I would’ve needed to get paid for the remaining seasons. I have a family to feed.)

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He co-star Randall Park, however, posted a lengthy statement to Instagram, praising the “groundbreaking” series as “a really great show made by incredibly talented people.”

He thanked the cast of the show, but did not single out or tag Wu. We’re sure that doesn’t mean anything, though, and we won’t read anything into it.

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