Coldplay & Beyoncé Cop Bruno Mars Back Up For Super Bowl Halftime Show

In American football, scoring a “safety” doesn’t happen too often at all, and nabbing two points that way generally requires the opposing team to mess up pretty badly in their own end zone. 
Still, following this lil’ NFL allegory, it looks like the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show has finally locked up the safest of scores in its own right, despite not doing much wrong these past few years at all.

Bruno Mars, who worked the 2014 edition, is back on deck to support Coldplay and Beyoncé as they briefly distract hundreds of millions of football fans worldwide on Monday morning, Australian time. 

Of course, this self-confirmation comes after rumours he was gonna be back. Then he wasn’t. Now the bloke most certainly is, he’ll be accompanying the Brits on their maiden Halftime appearance, while it’ll be Bey’s second performance after her stint in ’13. 

Mars Has Landed #SB50

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The announcement also confirms Mars’ role in ‘curating’ the whole deal, which opens up the concept of a Halftime coach; while we’d love to see opposing teams use pyrotechnics, lasers and dancing sharks to out-do each other, the actual competition remains between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. Which will be pretty alright… we guess. 
Another safe choice, even. 

Source: Vulture. 
Photo: Jamie Squire / Getty.