Camila Cabello & Idina Menzel Weigh In On The Cinderella Flash Mob That Everyone’s Talking About

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Over the weekend, the cast of Amazon Prime Video’s Cinderella reboot promoted the flick by doing a flash mob in the streets of LA and it pretty much went down like a lead balloon.

The video shows the cast, including Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel, Billy Porter and James Corden, dancing at the traffic lights in their Cinderella costumes.


As the backlash was taking over social media, I conveniently had an interview scheduled with lead stars Camila and Idina.

I asked the gals all the questions I had in store, including how Cinderella breaks down gender norms and conveys feminism (which I will cover in an article – watch this space!), but I, of course, had to ask them how things went down with the flash mob, and here’s what they had to say.

“It was really fun!” Camila insisted. “It was us and Billy Porter and James Corden, and we basically did it during the red lights. Yeah, it was fun.”

“It was really hot,” Idina added. “I burned myself getting up on the car. The metal [of the car] was very hot.”

Camila said that she, too, almost sustained an injury. “I almost crushed my hand,” she chimed in. “I put my hand on the car, like I was trying to grab it, and I almost crushed it. But I didn’t. My hand’s right here!”

Idina went on to compare the moment to a scene in the 1980 film, Fame where the cast dance in a cafeteria, although she joked that both myself and Camila would not know what she’s talking about as it was before our time, which is fair (I only remember the 2009 reboot, TBH).

Anywho, keep your eyes peeled for part two of our chat where we explore the themes of the new Cinderella, which will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on September 3. Peep the trailer below:

Camila Cabello’s brand new single ‘Don’t Go Yet’ is out now.